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"Guest House Edge (Guest house Enishi)" is a Guest house in the location very close from Toyama Station. In addition, the guest house is located in a residential area. By staying here of location, travelers can, such as the Where experience. There nearby, "Sento", "shopping super", such as "Tavern". "To experience the fact that living in Toyama prefecture" If this thing go in Toyama, this guest house is the perfect place.

"Guest House Enishi" is a guest house located very close to Toyama station.The guesthouse is also located in a residential area.By staying here, visitors can experience the same kind of residents.Nearby are "Sento", "Shopping Super", "Tavern", etc."Experience living in Toyama Prefecture" If you want to go to Toyama for this, this guest house is a great place to stay.

This Guesthouse is, 1) 1 building rental plan, 2) private plan, 3) there is a dormitory plan.1
1 houses rental (up to 12 people) 32, 000Yen (Tax In) 2)
Private Plan one room 2-3 people: 1 person 3, 300yen (tax in), day before a holiday 1 person 3, 500yen (Tax in) 3
) dormitory plan: 1 person 2, 900yen ( Tax in), day before a holiday 1 person 3, 200yen (tax in)

This guesthouse has 1) rental plan, 2) Private room plan, 3) dormitory plan.

1) 1 Building rental (up to 12 persons) 32, 000yen (tax in)
2) Single room Plan 2-3 persons: 1 person 3, 300yen (tax in), 1 person 3 days before holiday, 500yen (tax in)
3) Dormitory plan: 1 person 2, 900yen (tax in), 1 person 3, 200yen (tax in)



Further reason this guest house is wonderful, the company that the management is is that it has a lot of share house. If you cordless the Toyama, you can change the location you are staying from the guesthouse to share house. By doing so, you'll be able to make a term stay. Share House has flooded a chance to become friends with people who live in Toyama. Experiences that satisfy your heart, waiting for you. The management company has the perfect system. The company is also dealing with the apartment rental. You were term stay in the share house, if it is desired to proceed to the next step, we propose to consult with the management company. The management company will you have the support to live in Toyama. Feel free to "Guest House Edge (Guest house Enishi)".

And the reason why this guest house is so great is that the company that runs it has many share houses.

If you like Toyama, you can change the location of your stay from guest house to share house.By doing so, you will be able to have a long stay.Share House is full of opportunities to make friends with people living in Toyama.The experience of meeting your heart is waiting for you.This management company has a perfect system.This company also deals in apartment rentals.

If you have stayed in a share house for a long time and wish to move on to the next step, we suggest that you consult with the management company.This management company has a means of support for you to live in Toyama.

Please feel free to come and stay at the guest house Enishi.

Phone: 076-455-1821
Address: 10-24 Okuicho, toyamacity, TOYAMA/Toyama, Toyama, Okui-cho 10-24
Open: Check in 17:00-21:00 check out 10:00 (reservation requlred)
Language: Japanese, English/japanese OK
Card: Cash only/unavailable
Closed: Irregular Holiday/Irregular holidays

Access: 6 minutes on foot from 6mins walk from Okudachugakkoumae station on the Toyama light Rail Line/Toyama Wright-Rail Okuda junior High School

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