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Toyama Guide

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#1 Toyama / #2 Takaoka / #3 Îmizu / #4 Nanto / #5 Uozu / #6 Himi [Destination/Property Name:Toyama]

# Toyama / #2 Takaoka / #3 Nanto / #4 Uozu / #5 Kurobe / #6 Himi / #7 Tateyama / #8 Tonami / #9 Asahi / #10 Kamiichi / #11 Komaki / #12 Ashikuraji


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Welcome to Toyama! In Toyama, you’ll find beautiful attractions such as the World Heritage site of Gokayama, Mount Tateyama and Kurobe etc. From abundant and fresh water, delicious and natural cuisine to traditional industries, Toyama is full of exciting charm. We have made this guide book to help you enjoy the attractions and charm of Toyama to the fullest. Please feel free to grab a copy. We are sure this guide will help you have a more fulfilling time in Toyama. Please take a copy of “Toyama Guide”. You can find the full details in the guide book!