Yatsuo town map 八尾 まちの地図

Yatsuo town map

Yatsuo town area bus 八尾エリア内のバス

The “Loop Line” community bus runs every day. There is a left loop and right loop bus. The fare is 200 yen for adults and 100 yen for elementary and junior high kids. The starting point is the Yatsuo Station bus stop and it runs over the main area of Yatsuo. The route’s area is wide, so please check the schedule and make sure you know your destination. The Yatsuo Machimeguri Bus, which runs mainly in Yatsuno-cho, doesn’t run on weekends or holidays.

Yatsuo town map

Yatsuo town map

How to get to Oonagatani 大長谷への行き方

We recommend that you take the Yatsuo community bus, the “Oonagatani line.” It operates Monday through Saturday (except national holidays). From Yatsuo station, the bus makes two round trips to Oonagatani-onsen hot springs station daily. The number of buses is limited, so please plan your trip accordingly. The one-way bus fare is 200 yen (elementary and middle school students fare is 100 yen).


Try using MAP application (Japanese version)

This map shows the various sight-seeing attractions of Yatsuo and offers links to stores and restaurants in the area. Yatsuo is a merchant town, so there are various shops to visit. Access their information on this app. Enjoy your own walking tour of Yatsuo!

After downloading the app, select “answer later.” If you can read Japanese, you can answer the questions and tap “send.”


Tap the “map.” 「マップ」をタップ。

Tap “Yatsuo Sight-seeing Map.” 「やつおぐるっとマップ」をタップ。

Yobarecha Walk & Eat coupon set

The Yobarcha Walk & Eat coupon set includes three exchangeable coupons to the area’s favorite eateries. The coupon set includes a coffee shop discount coupon, free admission to the Hikiyama Exhibition Pavilion and a discount coupon for your next visit.

Corresponding store 対応店舗
coffee shop discount coupon 喫茶店割引券
4 6 25 30
Walk & Eat coupon 食べ歩き引換券
3 20 21 22 24 27 35

ADULT(大人) : ¥1,000
19years old and older(19歳以上)
Children(子供) : ¥840
7 to 18 years old(7歳~18歳)

The coupon is sold at the Hikiyama Exhibition Pavilion.
Contact: Etchu-Yatsuo Tourist Association 076-454-5138クーポンは曳山展示館で販売しています。
お問い合わせ:越中八尾観光協会 076-454-5138


Application interlocking store

1)Miyadakagetu(Japanese food) / みやだ花月
2)Fuuan(Soba) / 風庵
3)Kazenotayori(Tea room) / 風のたより
4)Piccoro(Tea room) / ピッコロ
5)Hamazushi(Sushi) / 濱鮨
6)Asuka(tea room) / 明日香
7)Takano(Soba) / 高野
8)Asahiya(Tea room) / 旭屋
9)Shimizu(Takoyaki) / しみず
10)Fukurotei(Soba) / ふくろ亭
11)Kusunokitei(Grilled meat) / 楠亭
12)Yamamotoshokudo(Japanese food) / 山元食道
13)Tenpuku(Sushi) / 天福
14)Yashirokan(Japanese food) / やしろ館
15)Miyoshi(Japanese food) / みよし
16)Kinchan(Grilled meat) / 金ちゃん
17)SteakKokyu(Steak) / ステーキ胡弓
18)Erbaccia(Italian food) / エルバッチャ
19)Mizukami Yoshikazu shouten(Miso) / 水上芳一商店
20)Kokurakamejyudo(Wagashi) / 小蔵亀寿堂
21)HanajimaOwarado(Wagashi) / 花島おわら堂
22)Sugiyamawashimingeiten(Washi) / 杉山和紙民芸店
23)Nagaeyatofuten(Tofu) / 長江屋豆富店
24)Ootsukachaho(Tea leaves) / おおつか茶舗
25)Tamaasahishuzo(Sake) / 玉旭酒造
26)Usuwa(Braed cake) / うす和
27)Fukutsurushuzo(Sake) / 福鶴酒造
28)Sushiichi(Masuzushi) / 寿司一
29)Keijusha・Papyrus(Washi) / 桂樹舎・パピルス
30)Mochinonawashiroya(Rice cake) / 餅の苗代屋
31)Fukutagofukuten(Japanese trinket) / 福田呉服店
32)Etchu Yatsuo base Oyatsu(Hotel Cafe) / 越中八尾ベース Oyatsu
33)Syoubei(Soba) / 小兵衛
34)Owaratamatenhonpo(Wagashi) / おわら玉天本舗
35)Shiroyama(Tea room) 城山
36)Rinsheidohonten(Wagashi) / 林盛堂本店
37)Narihira(gift) / なりひら
38)Iyamagofukuten(Japanese trinket) / いやま呉服店

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