You can learn about the process of making traditional Yatsuo washi Japanese paper here. Each dyed through stencil dyeing. Keijusha keeps producing new designs, so come and pick out your favorite chic washi paper伝統工芸「八尾和紙」の製作を体験できるお店。型染め技法により1枚ずつ手作業で染色。新 しい図案を提案し続ける『桂樹舎』では、日本ならではの粋な和紙製品の購入もできますよ。




Yatsuo washi paper is known for its durability. There are a variety of items available at souvenir shops across Japan! 破れにくく丈夫なのが特徴の八尾和紙で作られた小物入れな ど。全国のお土産店、アンテナショップでもご購入可能。

Japanese paper Products / 和紙製品 ¥1,080~(tax in)



You can enjoy a traditional washi paper-making experience. The paper is 297mm x 420mm in size and you can take your work home with you! 伝統的な紙すき体験はとても人気。仕上がりサイズはA3。 出来上がった和紙はそのまま持ち帰れますよ!

Let’s make washi paper! / 紙すき体験 ¥540/person 2 persons or more (tax in)

伝統的な紙すき体験はとても人気。仕上がりサイズはA3。 出来上がった和紙はそのまま持ち帰れますよ!

phone : 076-455-1184
address : Toyama / 富山市八尾町鏡町668-4
open : 10:00 ~ 17:00
Language :  日本語対応のみ
card : VISA, Master, JCB, SAISON
closed :  月曜
HP :
Access :  鏡町バス停から徒歩5分

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Welcome to Toyama! In Toyama, you’ll find beautiful attractions such as the World Heritage site of Gokayama, Mount Tateyama and Kurobe etc. From abundant and fresh water, delicious and natural cuisine to traditional industries, Toyama is full of exciting charm. We have made this guide book to help you enjoy the attractions and charm of Toyama to the fullest. Please feel free to grab a copy. We are sure this guide will help you have a more fulfilling time in Toyama. Please take a copy of “Toyama Guide”. You can find the full details in the guide book!
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